Social Media Explained in Coffee Infographic

Globally, coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world. It even beats soft drinks. With the continued popularity of this drink, whether it’s in the form of cappuccinos, lattes, breves, or mochas (more on coffee here:, someone thought it would be nice to use it elsewhere. They created an infographic that tries to use coffee to explain the different types of social media. The social media has grown and branched into different types over the years. As a result, a business needs to understand which type will bear results for them. This will involve putting one business into perspective and consider a certain social network can over.

This infographic below is from Marketplace Maven and was inspired by the ingenius Social Media and Donuts by Three Ships Media in Raleigh.

Different Types of Social Media

When some think about the various social networks, they may be tempted to think that they are all similar. A business may end up spending money on advertisement thinking that it is all about getting in the customer’s face. However, this is hardly ever the case; each social networking site has a unique purpose that needs to be well understood by a business.

For instance, the infographic talks about Instagram. It describes it as a place that people go to post highly edited photos that have some kind of meaning. If a business was to start advertising on this social network with such knowledge, they could make huge blunders. For instance, they could post long descriptive posts that nobody ever reads. People who use Instagram have the mindset of seeing pictures and then getting out. The business would need to be able to captivate users with just photos. Although it may seem difficult, this feat can easily be achieved.

On the other side people who use a social media like Pinterest go there for the details. As a result, the business would need to be able to combine graphics and information. There are already many high-quality graphics on Pinterest. As a result, a business would need to put in a real effort to get their product noticed. The infographic relays this information in an easy to understand format.

The infographic explains clearly about twelve social networking sites. Although the information is highly summarized, it will serve as a great guide. For instance, although one can watch videos on Facebook it explains why it is better to post such on YouTube. He infographic uses short, informative sentences that are written in simple English.

Before launching a social media camping, it would be great to study this infographic. It will help one understand how they can best reach out to the customers. The explanations contained here would be hard to find elsewhere all in one place.